The Dialectics of Authenticity

Sometimes being a historian for a long time prevents one from recognizing change: “Nothing to see here. It’s all been done before.” Greenberg is casually dismissive of possibilities that he has not even paused to consider. And he’s rather shockingly oblivious to aspects of the media ecology and political economy, given his own background. Not […]

Neoliberalism Redux

In a moment of madness, I decided to read Philip Mirowski’s postface to his sprawling volume, The Road from Mont Pèlerin, purporting to “define” neoliberalism. Quite apart from its almost laughable incoherence (e.g.: the exemplar par excellence of neoliberalism is—wait for it—Wikipedia!), it flatly contradicts Monbiot, Harvey (explicitly, in fact), Wendy Brown, and just about […]

The Trouble with the “Liberal” Media

Donald Trump’s breathtaking attack on Ghazala Khan sparked predictable outrage, followed by an equally predictable flurry of charges, defenses and counter-charges. Virtually all the coverage of and elite replies to this latest in an impossibly long string of Trump’s controversial pronouncements have included dutiful reminders that the Khans are exemplary citizens; that “Mr. Khan’s speech at the convention in Philadelphia […]