Official Protest

Amplifying the Asshole: Learning Democracy from Algorithms, Bots and Trolls

Fauxpologies: Abject Publics, Democracy and the Scandal of Genre

The Digital Potlatch: The Uses of Uselessness in the Digital Economy

The Self-Consuming Commodity: Audiences, Users and the Riddle of Digital Labor

Prohibiting the People: Populism, Procedure and the Rhetoric of Democratic Desire

“Spying for the People:” Surveillance, Democracy and the Impasse of Cynical Reason

The Promise of Hopeless Politics

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Missing Misrecognition

The Culture + Rhetoric Project

Capitalizing on the Dialectical Economy of Hegemony

Friendship Fictions: The Rhetoric of Citizenship in the Liberal Imaginary

The Rhetoric of Hegemony: Laclau, Radical Democracy, and the Rule of Tropes

Rebel Citizenship and the Cunning of the Liberal Imaginary: Thelma & Louise

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Iconomics: The Rhetoric of Speculation